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Junior Java Developer

Катерина Хоменко
15 днів тому
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Наявність навчальних/особистих проєктів
Вся Україна
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English: Intermediate

Education: Bachelor’s degree (tech.)

  • Basic programming skills including structured programming, object-oriented programming;
  • Basic knowledge of software design patterns;
  • Knowledge of Java programming language;
  • Knowledge of the Spring and Spring Boot;
  • Basic understanding of the relational database concepts, including tables / relations, indexes, primary and foreign keys, etc,;
  • Knowledge of the SQL programming language in general;
  • General knowledge and some experience in testing and debugging;
  • Knowledge of tools including GitHub, JIRA;
  • Ability to read and understand technical texts in English;

Project development is expected to last for at least few years from now with 20+ engineers

(Ukrainian side only).

Project is in its early stages of development: your decisions and solutions will impact many

years of future development.

The goals of the final product are:

- Helping Deloitte consultants to be more effective.

- Creating a platform to organize, formalize and categorize available Deloitte assets.

- Creating a virtual place where Deloitte consultants do their day-to-day tasks.

- Harvest the Intellectual Property of Deloitte in one place with easy search and access.

SCRUM is used as a development process methodology: 2-weeks sprints and releases

once per quarter are expected.

The system is implemented using the following technologies and tools: Java, Spring, Spring

Boot, Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript, PostgreSQL, AWS, Kubernetes, Concourse CI.

  • Take part in daily team activities;·      
  • Take part in performing application builds;·    
  •  Take part in performing application demos;·     
  •  Implementation of the low priority functional items under supervision of the mentor;·     
  •  Fix existing code issues under supervision of the mentor;·     
  •  Take part in product discussion calls;·  
  •  Familiarize with the application code structure;·  
  •  Familiarize with the application functionality;·      
  • Closely work with team members, including system architect, front-end and back-end developers, QAs;·     
  •  Test, troubleshoot and optimize application components for maximum speed, security and scalability;·   
  • Contribute to all aspects
  • Software development process knowledge;
  • Core Programming skills: Data structures and algorithms;
  • Verbal and written communication English skills (intermediate level);
  • Software development process knowledge;
  •  Implementation and support of own pet project;
  • Participation in 1-2 students’ projects;
  • Participation in a real production project.